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Enterprise Content Management Solutions for the Legal Industry

Evedent delivers Enterprise Content Management Solutions to the legal industry; including proprietary services, technology, and content – seamlessly connecting litigation, discovery, and evidence. We execute to that standard by being a trusted resource in the legal industry striving to satisfy the industry’s need for information, intelligence, and insight in the retrieval, review, presentation, transmission, and archival of evidence – all in a flexible and secure cloud-based ecosystem.

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Our Employees

Culture Matters

For our employees, Evedent recognizes that culture matters and promotes a culture driven by diligent, thoughtful performance; and designed to maintain an easy and natural connection between customers, employees, and what matters to them and the industry we serve. In particular we ask our employees to:

  • Keep the Customer First.
  • Be Positive, Optimistic, Professional, and Diligent.
  • Listen, Look, and Be Thoughtful to See the Possibilities.
  • Keep Driving, Delivering, and Working Until the Job is Done Right.

Evedent Team
Evedent Team
Evedent Team
Evedent Team